Designing for engagement; engaging with design

At Engage Architecture, we are open and engaged in the practice of design. We bring our experience, knowledge and skills to the opportunity and unique potential of every project. We believe that buildings can and should be beautiful, functional, sustainable and durable. Every project is its own education; we learn from our clients and from the solutions that arise in the process of making buildings. We strive through every project to build relationships, community and a better place to live and work. We design architecture for everyday life.

Firm Profile

Engage Architecture is a full service architecture firm based in Vancouver, British Columbia. We offer expertise in woodframe residential design, including both market and non-market multi-family housing and single-family houses, and in commercial and mixed-use project types. We can also help with assessing the potential of a site, masterplanning or feasibility studies. Engage Architecture offers the direct involvement of Principal Karen Smith through all stages of every project. Karen brings to each project a depth of experience and knowledge as well as a deep commitment to finding the best potential in every project. We solve problems, propose design solutions and apply the best of what we know to our work. We are committed to designing buildings that meet the needs of the client, the users and the community.

Karen Smith

Karen Smith, Architect AIBC, is the founder and Principal at Engage Architecture. She holds both a Bachelor of Environmental Studies (Architecture) and Masters of Architecture from the University of Waterloo. She has 15 years of experience working in the architecture field and has been a registered Architect in the province of British Columbia since 2008.

Karen’s experience spans the range of architectural practice, with an emphasis over the past decade on single and multi-family residential and mixed-use projects. A capable architect, she has a proven ability to manage complex projects from conception to completion.

Karen founded Engage Architecture, in part, to apply her specialized experience to a more intimate scale of projects and to a broader range of housing types. The firm is an extension of Karen’s deep engagement with the practice of designing buildings and her belief that architecture can, and should, serve a greater social purpose while addressing the practical realities of our modern urban experience.